Artists in THEIR Residence

art residency with The Wilson gallery, Cheltenham


Notes on Penny Gaffs, the River, and the Wetness of Film

a spoken word + accordion piece read as part the Timeless Thames festival at Steamship Project Space, London

Penny Gaff Shanties

a series of poems, ballads, and performances engaging with London's cinema history


Tin Can Radio

a weekly radio show broadcasted in my hometown throughout the Covid-19 lockdown

Dolly Mixtures

a cinema, for one night only! showing an eclectic mix of black-and-white films amidst free popcorn and letterpressed programmes

Business as Usual

group show, Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax

Hands in the (digit)al age

group show, online, mollystredwick.com


Fascinating Account of The Unbelievable Mysteries of the magnificent One Tree Hill, of South London

musical accompaniment with Jessica Stiles for Seth Randall Goddard's online storytelling

I'm Making This For The Rat That Lives Under My Oven

group show, online, mollystredwick.com

'Class Of' third years' interim show

group show, Copeland Gallery, South London



a poetic walking tour through the graves in Nunhead Cemetery, London

Elegant Horse; Imagine That

Ninetales Collective performance evening, The Betsey Trotwood, North London


group show, Southwark Park Galleries, South London


Take a picture it'll last longer

group show, The Flying Dutchman, South London

Open Studios


Giffords Circus 2018

set painting & art department, Stroud


Giffords Circus 2017

set painting & art department, Stroud

Summer Show

group show, Stroud College, Stroud