spoken word & accordion performance in my bedroom, 

lockdown 2020



Come one, come all, To the penny circus

Sit amongst thieves and treacherers who, for half a century
Have sent hurried letters
To and fro

And inbetween Phantom flutters On a liquid screen

Each moment, Monumental History, happening,

In incidental
canvas tents and squalor Makeshift cinemas
For scamp and skull and scholar

Breathe in the projection smoke Cigarette-moonlight
And Unruly folk
Who sit and sweat and simper And swear

While the old penny showman Collects your fare

Don’t forget your ticket now, Rip it up and sit quietly,
As the sunlight folds its arms And all the daytime falls asleep.

Prepare to revel,
in one night’s chaos
Just a few hours, a few feet, Of deus
Ex Cinema
Extra! Extra!

Don’t be late.

Come one, Come all, To our nickelodeon An electric stench
Of theatre-opium

Let the black-and-white ocean swallow you whole Hear the doggerel dawdle, the Dadaist droll Come and hear
What you’ve not yet heard

Come and join the vulgar herd Abrupt Abreast Aboard
The trolley
I’ll see you this evening,

Up the dolly.

Come one, come all,
From near, from far,
I’ll meet you in the cinema.